15 Ways To Make Money In The Crypto Industry Without Investing Any Money

If you are interested in crypto, but don’t want to make the jump into buying crypto with fiat money, you can still make money without investing any money. There are many ways to make money in crypto without spending any money. Participating in Airdrops, Creating Infographics, mining and then selling but this is the least option I will advice you to engage in, You can also sell your goods and services and receive crypto in return and lots other ways. So let’s take a closer look at how we can make money in crypto without investing any moneyCrypto.

Start Writing About Crypto On Medium

Medium is a social media platform where anyone can share their stories, photos, ideas and opinions. It’s totally free and there’s even a new Crypto Economy section full of people talking about crypto. You’ll find it useful to write some pieces on crypto if you want to get your name out there in an authentic way (and maybe earn some money while you’re at it). However, there are plenty of other places where you can share your expertise, like Reddit and Steemit. Check out our guide to writing on Medium if you want more tips. Medium is the only platform on the Internet right now that allows anyone to sign up, post an article, and get paid earnings immediately. definitely writing in medium is one of the ways one can make money in the Crypto industry without investing any money.

Learn How to Send Mass Dm On Discord,Learn How To Grow A Discord Server And Earn Thousands Of Dollars

Make Money With Crypto Affiliate Programs

Want to make money in the crypto Industry wthout investing any m theoney
Cryptocurrency affiliate programs allow you to make money just by referring people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and investments. All you need is your affiliate link or referral link and a website that promotes your affiliate link. Each time someone clicks on your referral link, you will earn a certain percentage of commission as specified by your vendor for every purchase made through your affiliate code (usually about 5-15% commission). That being said, now let us move on towards how to make money with crypto affiliate programs without investing any real cash! How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: So if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, then one of the best ways is by using cryptocurrency affiliate platforms. You can create an account on different platforms like Coinbase, Binance etc., which offers cryptocurrency affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer you can promote different services like trading advice and news or even exchange service itself where affiliates can be paid out in various forms including bitcoin or altcoins instead of fiat currency like USD/EUR/GBP etc. For example – if someone signs up using your referral link and buys some bitcoins worth $100 from Coinbase exchange then they will receive $10 worth bitcoins free into their wallet once they sign up through your Coinbase referral link. another way to make money from crypto industry without investing but affiliate marketing is to refer people to signup for Cryptocurrency courses and signal serve. Lots of Crypto Academies out there offer referral bonus as high as 30% of the fees. If you on the look out for such opportunity make your research around Twitter.

Learn How to Send Mass Dm On Discord,Learn How To Grow A Discord Server And Earn Thousands Of Dollars

Get a job with a cryptocurrency company

There is a never-dying need for workers in the cryptocurrency sphere. Cryptocurrency companies are always looking for candidates who can fill digital marketing, content creation, and web designing profiles. Some even offer work at employees’ convenience like remote mode, flexible working hours, and part-times. Besides, the companies also offer competitive packages. Therefore, if you happen to come across one, don’t hesitate and take up the opportunity.

This may seem like a strange idea at first, but if you can find a job with a cryptocurrency company, there are numerous ways to make money in crypto without investing. It also gives you access to resources that help educate yourself about the Industry, as well as giving you a taste of how companies in crypto actually operate. Some would argue that it’s actually more beneficial than investing because even if your investments aren’t going well, you could be learning and growing professionally at another job inside crypto. And who knows? It might give you some valuable experience that eventually leads to an opportunity to get involved in trading or other aspects of crypto investing!

Discord Mass Dm Service (Server Growth)

Providing discord mass dm service is a very lucrative way to make money in the Crypto/ Nft industry.almost every NFT project builds there Community on discord. Nft projects are ready to pay you awesomely well if you can help grow their Community. This is where discord mass dm comes in. Basically what you do is advertise Crypto project or NFT projects to targetted servers by sending a mass dm to everyone in a server with their project description and Server link, let’s say a server of 20000, you send a mass dm to them all atleast 10000 of them will likely join the project since it’s about something they like. This is similar to the whatsapp broadcast feature. This helps grow NFT servers organically. Aside that you can also use this skill to earn whitelist spot easily, if you can invite 200 people to a server I’m pretty sure you will get whitelisted without no doubt. Most projects offer a whitelist spot to supporters who are genuinely interested in the project and add value. To really get noticed by the founding team and earn your spot, you must actively engage on the Discord chat and have meaningful conversations about the project with other community members. This is one of the best way to make money in the Crypto industry without investing. The pay is really interesting. Another good thing about this skill is you can earn whitelist spot and sell it.and I have never seen anyone sold a whitelist spot less than $100, yes. The task and requirements for getting whitelisted is very rigorous and time consuming. If you are interested in learning this skill click here you will be taught how to do it and how to make money with it. How to land on contracts. How to partner with projects and earn dollars weekly it cost just 20 bucks ($20). Just so you know the average cost of sending 10k dm is $100

Learn How to Send Mass Dm On Discord,Learn How To Grow A Discord Server And Earn Thousands Of Dollars

Start A Cryptocurrency Blog

One of our favorite pieces of advice for anyone looking to make money with crypto is also one of our simplest: start your own crypto-related website and publish content consistently. You don’t need any special background or expertise, but having something original to say helps (obviously). You don’t even need that much free time either. If you have 2 hours per week, you can find enough material for 1 good post each week, or 5 posts every other week. Over time, these add up and provide consistent passive income.
Starting your own crypto-related business, whether you plan on promoting ICOs, posting blogs or mining cryptocurrency, is an excellent way to make money in Crypto without investing any money. By starting your own business and blogging about your experiences, you can earn commissions while simultaneously becoming better educated on cryptocurrency. Many prominent analysts began as bloggers or forum posters; today they’re paid millions by investors. And although it’s not as simple as copying their formula, if you have some free time, a knack for writing and can build relationships with readers who respect your opinion—there’s no reason why you couldn’t start earning income from day one. The market is wide open for aspiring crypto entrepreneurs who are willing to put in some hard work!
The Top 7 Ways to Make Money in Crypto Without Investing Any Money:
#1 Start Your Own Business: This method will give you instant authority over others (and instant revenue), but it takes quite a bit of time before it starts paying off. If that’s okay with you, then go ahead and start now!

If you have great content, people will find it. In order to be able to make money blogging, you need traffic. If you already have a website that gets plenty of traffic, then selling digital products on your site is an easy way to make money with crypto. People who would not purchase anything from anyone else might buy something off your site if they like your content and trust you as an authority on Crypto. Now, before I tell you how I earn money with my website, let me tell you what my setup looks like: I started out with no technical knowledge (maybe like many of us here), so there was obviously very little code involved when I first started out. I had a simple WordPress theme for my website, which I bought online for about $30. For hosting, I used Bluehost at $2 per month because it’s cheap and reliable. For writing posts, I use Google Docs or Notepad++ on Windows (I’m Mac-based). You can also use Microsoft Word but Google Docs has spell check built-in which makes things easier for me since English isn’t my native language. To get more visitors to your site, you could write guest posts on other sites related to cryptocurrency and link back to your own posts on your website. Another way is by commenting on blogs related to cryptocurrency—but don’t spam! Don’t forget that quality always trumps quantity!

Start An Announcement Channel

An announcement channel is one of many tools you can use to make money in crypto without investing any money. For example, Coinbase allows crypto businesses and ICOs to create their own announcement channels. Anyone following these channels will receive messages when there’s an important update on any of those projects. Plus, once you’ve created your own announcement channel, people will be more likely to follow it because they know it could lead them to buy or sell something at just the right time. Once you start receiving followers, send out announcements about new services and releases. Be sure to include links so that readers can quickly purchase what you’re promoting—or get rid of it if they don’t want it. The more often people see your message (and trust that you have great info), the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel—and pay attention whenever you send out an announcement. Another way to make money in crypto without investing any money: You might consider making a podcast about cryptocurrency—or starting one if someone else hasn’t already beat you too it! Even though podcasts are typically free for listeners, creators still make plenty of cash from advertising dollars paid by companies hoping to reach their audience. Consider making a podcast about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, or other related topics.
Web Design And Development

Learn How to Send Mass Dm On Discord,Learn How To Grow A Discord Server And Earn Thousands Of Dollars

Web Design And Development

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, but there are already many ways to make money without investing. One way is to offer web design and development services. Many businesses are starting to see the potential of cryptocurrencies and are willing to pay for someone with the technical expertise to help them enter the market. If you have experience in web design and development, this could be a great opportunity for you to earn some extra income.

Creating Infographics

Crypto Infographics are images designed to describe information quickly. As a visual learner, I personally love infographics, so I can’t even begin to describe how many are popping up in my newsfeed! Creating your own requires solid design skills and proficiency with Photoshop or another software tool. If you aren’t quite there yet, start off by trying out a service like Fiverr or Upwork; their Design gigs typically run around $30-$50 each. Or, if you want to dig in deeper, try a service like 99Designs that pairs graphic designers with customers for free (only paying for what you like). It’s also a great way to find crypto-related work on either platform!

Participate in Airdrops

Airdrops are a great way to start earning free crypto tokens. Airdrops occur when a blockchain project distributes free cryptocurrency tokens or coins to participants in exchange for completing simple tasks, such as creating an account on their platform or sharing a post on social media. The value of these projects is often hard to judge because they are generally untested and unproven—but getting one of these tokens can be worth a lot. For example, 0x has seen its ZRX token rise well over 1000% since it first appeared on exchanges in August 2017.

Start your own faucet sitesite, mining pool

If you don’t want to risk money by buying into an ICO, why not make money in a less risky way? Faucets have been around for years—ever since Bitcoin first appeared. And if you search for crypto faucet online, you’ll find some faucets that let you earn tokens simply by solving CAPTCHAs and watching videos. While these don’t make you very much money (usually 5 or 6 cents per hour), it can add up over time and even help cover your costs. If your area of interest is lending on platforms like ETHLend or SALT, then think about starting a lending pool that charges 0% interest.

Convert Your Knowledge into Money By teaching others about Cryptocurrencies

Leverage your knowledge. If you’re an expert on a certain topic, try to turn that expertise into teaching others. You can sell a digital product like an ebook or create a course and offer it on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. Try to position yourself as an authority in your niche and build trust with past customers before you start selling. Since these platforms take such little to no fees, you might make more money than usual for each individual sale (as opposed to when selling physical products). Another option is to teach classes at local meetups. These platforms usually don’t charge any fees and are only open to people in your area, so it’s easier for them to find you.

Create Youtube videos about Cryptocurrencies

There’s no better way to make money in crypto than making youtube videos about cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of subscribers or not. Make as many quality cryptocurrency related videos as you can, and stick them up on youtube. There are tonnes of niche specific subcategories like How to mine bitcoin, how to buy ripple, etc. For example: Cryptocurrency investing 101 – with BlockExplorer is a good video series that’s targeted towards newbies looking to enter into cryptocurrency investment. Other great examples include CoinSutra Youtube channel (5000+ Subscribers) , CoinTelegraph (80000+ Subscribers), The Digital Currency Council (14000+ Subscribers). These channels are excellent resources for getting your feet wet in cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain is a complex topic and many people struggle to understand it. If you have any knowledge or insight into blockchain, why not leverage that by offering your services as a consultant? You can find others who are looking for help on sites like Upwork, where you can offer your expertise in exchange for Bitcoin or other crypto-currency. Some of our most respected experts make their living helping companies navigate blockchain technology. Start with some simple searches on Google such as blockchain consultants or blockchain developers and see what comes up.

Become An Influencer

What’s that, you ask? Being an influencer is simply getting other people to look at what you have to say and take action. An influencer isn’t just anyone with a brand. Sure, there are successful bloggers, Instagram stars, and Youtubers who have become crypto influencers by simply becoming genuinely popular but as we all know, hard work can only take you so far. What do you do if it’s not overnight success for you but instead a slow crawl? First of all, keekeepp calm and carry on; fame is fickle after all.

Start your own cryptocurrency business.

If you have a great idea for a business that uses cryptocurrencies, then start it up! This is one of the best ways to get involved in the industry and make some money without investing anything upfront.


One popular way to make money in the cryptocurrency industry without investing is through freelancing. There are a number of ways to find freelance work in the industry, such as by searching for crypto-related jobs on online job boards, or by networking with people in the industry. Once you have found a client, you can typically agree on a price and begin working immediately. Another advantage of freelancing is that it gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.


If you are tech-savvy, then crypto mining is one of the easiest ways you can earn cryptocurrency. However, the process and routines are not the same for all digital currencies. It varies based on the crypto you want to mine. Besides, cryptocurrency mining is also a complicated process. Many think that mining cryptocurrency means you can pick up all the digital currencies you have mined and keep them as yours. But unfortunately, that is not the case in the practical mining process. Miners use their computers to solve complex mathematical equations that validate blocks of transactions. Cryptocurrencies are already created inside a protocol that gets on to the market when it is cracked with valid keys. As a result, the person who engages in the mining process gets a reward. Interested candidates usually join mining networks and engage in mining work with other members. I actually put this last because I personally believe it’s not worth the time.


Above all there is always a reward for solving problems, making money in the Crypto industry without investing will require skills, time, dedication. Be skillful and solve problems and get rewarded with money. Click here if you want to learn how to send mass dm on Discord and earn $1000 monthly, among all discord mass dm is the one of high demand and less completion, and you can earn money on time.

Learn How to Send Mass Dm On Discord,Learn How To Grow A Discord Server And Earn Thousands Of Dollars

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