The Biggest Cities In South Dakota: All You Need to Know

The Biggest Cities In South Dakota

We all love the biggest cities that the Mount Rushmore State has to offer. The United State of South Dakota is established in the mid-western region of US.

The country has a population of approximately 882,235, making South Dakota the 5th least densely populated state in the country with an area of 199,729 square km.

There are many cities in this state, but we’ll be focusing on the Big ones housing the most population and all you need to know about them.

There are many cities located in this state but notwithstanding only a few of them are enlisted here having met the criteria of being among the biggest cities in the country.

Before having an in-depth discussion on the subject at hand, below is the list of the Biggest Cities in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls

Rapid City









1. Sioux Falls

County: Minnehaha, Lincoln

Sioux Falls one of the largest cities in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls one of the largest cities in South Dakota.

Situated in the extreme eastern part of the state, Sioux Falls is South Dakota’s biggest city.

It has an estimated population of 187, 200 people in 2019, which positions as the 143rd most populated city in the nation. Sioux Falls fills in as the county seat of Minnehaha County, and it stretches out into Lincoln County.

The city is one of the 50 fast developing urban areas in the US and encountered a population increase of 22%. The economy of Sioux Falls was at first dependent on farming based businesses and quarrying.

Today, the city has an enhanced economy, which includes thriving healthcare services, money-related services, and retail exchange ventures.

2. Rapid City

County: Pennington

Rapid City one of the largest cities in South Dakota.

It likewise fills in as the region seat of Pennington County.

The city is situated on the eastern slope of the Black Hills mountain range, not far from Rapid Creek, which is a tributary of the Cheyenne River. Given its closeness to the Black Hills, the city has been nicknamed the “Gateway to the Black Hills.”

Many vacation spots are situated nearby Rapid City, inside the Black Hills, for example, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and Wind Cave National Park.

3. Aberdeen

County: Brown

Aberdeen one of the biggest cities in South Dakota.

Aberdeen one of the biggest cities in South Dakota.

The city of Aberdeen has a population of 28,388 and is the third most populous city, and the town itself is only 15 square miles.

It is also the county seat of Brown County. Aberdeen is regarded as a college town because of Presentation College and Northern State University, two prestigious academic institutions established within the state, are located in the city.

Also, the city is considered one of the safest places to live in the State of South Dakota. Out of the population residing in the town, the majority of the people are female.

The city is a health care, commercial center, and trade for a vast region. Tourism, based on fishing and hunting (especially during the autumn pheasant-hunting season), augments the city’s economy.

4. Brookings

County: Brookings

Brookings one of the biggest cities in South Dakota.

Fourth on our list of the Biggest Cities in South Dakota in Brookings, and it is the fourth-largest city in South Dakota with a population of 23,938 in 2017.

More so, the city serves as the county seat of Brookings County. South Dakota State University, the state’s largest institution for higher education is based in this city, and as well house the South Dakota Art Museum.

It developed as the focal point of a diversified agrarian territory noted particularly for seeds. Agriculture stays essential to the economy. Cows, pigs, dairy items, corn, soybeans, and oats are produced, and there are soybean-and dairy-processing companies.

Agricultural services include seed generation and testing, feed creation, and grain stockpiling. Assembling is also an essential economic contributor; products produced plastics, playground equipment, electronic displays, and signs.

(Daktronics is one of the driving producers of scoreboards and video screens in the country). More than a few manufacturing and agricultural organizations established their headquarters in the city.

5. Watertown

The fifth most populous city, Watertown occupies the fifth spot on our list of Biggest Cities in South Dakota. The city serves as the region seat of Codington County. In 2017, the city’s population was estimated to be 22,222.

The Redlin Art Center is situated in Watertown, which contains numerous unique masterpieces by Terry Redlin, one of the nation’s most eminent wildlife craftsmen.

6. Mitchell

County: Davison

Mitchell is a city in Davison County and serves as the region seat of South Dakota. The populace estimation of Mitchell is 15, 603 of every 2017.

Mitchell is the central city of the Mitchell Micropolitan Statistical Area, which incorporates all of Davison and Hanson areas.

Mitchell’s economy today depends on the tourism industry (especially amid the pheasant hunting season), manufacturing (including trailers, packaging, truck parts, toner, metal items, and modern fans), food processing, and agriculture business (maize, soybeans, livestock, and dairying).

The Corn Palace built in 1921, supplanting the original that was established 1892 and a second built in the year 1905) is a one of a kind Moorish structure finished yearly with corn, grain, and grasses and distinguished by minarets and vaults.

7. Yankton

County: Yankton

Yankton is a city located in the County seat of, Yankton County, South Dakota. Yankton has an estimated population of 14,516 in 2017.

Yankton serves as the principal city of the Yankton Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes a total of Yankton County.

Yankton is a well-known regional health care, business, and recreation center. Manufacturing is a significant part of the city’s economy; production of aluminum products, construction equipment, electronics, engine filters, livestock trailers, tarps, aircraft parts, and agricultural equipment.

Agriculture produce also includes soybeans, maize, and livestock; even beef processing is a paramount economic event. Yankton houses Mount Marty College (1936).

Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium is located close to the dam. Also, there are essential outdoor recreation activities popular, especially on the lake as well as nearby Lewis and Clark, Chief White Crane, and Pierson Ranch recreation areas.

8. Pierre

County: Hughes

Amazingly, this city is not just among the Biggest Cities in South Dakota, but it is also the Capital city of the state with a population of only 14,004 in 2017.

The city is ranked the eighth largest in the country and serves as the county seat of Hughes County.

South Dakota Discovery Center and Aquarium and the South Dakota National Guard Museum are some of the attractions in Pierre. Fishing is popular in the city.

The city’s economy is based on Government and services, and the city is a regional trade center as well. Outdoor recreation opportunities contribute to the tourism industry.

Area agriculture includes cattle, hogs, wheat, corn (maize), sunflowers, oats, soybeans, and sorghum.

9. Huron

County: Beadle

Huron city is located in Beadle County, South Dakota, United States and serves as the county seat of Beadle County. The Huron Plainsman is the newspaper.

The derived its name from the Huron Indians. The city’s population is estimated to be 13,118 in 2017.

The city’s economy depends principally on diversified agriculture (including hay, cattle, maize, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat and hogs).

Items manufactured also include metal doors, construction equipment, electronics and electrical equipment, and novelty items.

Tourism is an augmented economic activity especially in the pheasant-hunting season and by the South Dakota State Fair, held there annually in late summer.

10. Vermillion

County: Clay

Vermillion city got its name from the river, which in turn comes from the red (vermilion) clay along the river’s banks. The city houses the University of South Dakota (established in 1862 and became operational in 1882).

The university is the major economic hub of Vermillion. The town manufactures items such as pressure-washing equipment and a distribution center for snowmobiles, also contributes to the local economy.

The National Music Museum preserves rare and antique musical equipment.

Conclusion on Biggest Cities in South Dakota

Incorporated regions in South Dakota can be named either urban areas or towns. These are the Top ten greatest urban communities arranged in South Dakota.

Visitors visit a portion of these urban communities houses major verifiable structures which serve. You can set aside a few minutes to attend any of these urban communities when arranging your next occasion trip.

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