Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies.

Overtime, we at have discovered people across the globe are  confused as to the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies. In this article, we made our research since the outbreak of Covid19 and we have a comprehensive Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies. 

In this article, Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies we are going to highlight on the cost of living in each country, travel procedure, government policies, social life, education, religion, tourist attractions, gaming activities, crime rate etc.

While there are a variety of places where you may receive ideas for your next holiday and studies, not all of them can be trusted. ADSENSEFIX travel experts have compiled a list of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies to make the tiresome task of shortlisting places easier for you. From the comfort of your armchair, you may easily plan your next trip. Take guidance from this list to plan your next vacation if you ever find yourself in a dilemma. These places are not only popular right now, but they are also well-known for the unforgettable experiences they deliver to visitors.

Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies:



Top countries to visit in 2022
Top countries to visit for vacation and studies


Germany remains one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies. You may be wondering why Germany have to top the list, it did top the list because it is one of the most cirene and safest country to visit as there is no terrorist activities.

Why visit Germany:

Germany being one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies is a good place Due to its picturesque beaches, great hiking destinations, and postcard-perfect communities, Germany is an appealing prospect for globe tourists. It’s jam-packed with oddities like the onion museum in Weimar, Berlin’s dumping ground/open-air museum, and Thuringian Forest’s gnome museum, to mention a few. The German Christmas market is in a league of its own.

Nothing compares to the sizzling sausages and fragrant gingerbread provided here. Apart from its endless coasts, Germany is home to magnificent mountains such as the Alps and the lesser-known Harz ranges in the north. Germany is without a doubt one of the top places to visit in 2022.

Germany is a highly safe country when compared to other study locations.

Whether it’s day or night, in the city or out in the country, being out and about is rather safe provided you take common sense measures. Germany I can say is terror free.

Stability of Germany

When it comes to politics and the economy, Germany is fairly steady. Germany was rated 9th in the world for perceived stability in recent polls.

Choosing to study in a stable nation is a wise decision for your future possibilities when you graduate.


Free Education in Germany

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to apply for financial aid or a scholarship to help fund your education.

There are many various ways to fund your education in Germany, both from private institutions and from the state government.

Social Life

When you relocate to Germany, you’ll immediately realize that it’s an ideal environment for young people, particularly if you reside in one of the main cities.

Many cities feature a dynamic nightlife, numerous restaurants and pubs, as well as a variety of festivals and events throughout the year to keep students occupied.

We are confident that studying in Germany will never tire you.

Opportunity to meet other Internationals

Because Germany is such a popular study location, there will be plenty of opportunities to establish friends with other foreign students.

Most other students will be in the same boat as you, starting life in a new nation where they are likely to know no one, therefore most individuals are eager to make new friends and hang out after class.



Canada remains one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies.

Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies.

Why Canada

Canada being one of the top countries to travel to vacation and studies in 2022 has reasons why should choose it.

Canada offers a varied range of experiences for everyone, from culture to food to activities. Whatever your interests are, we have something to offer – all you have to do is choose a destination and begin exploring.

While other nations may be more recognized for their cuisine and drink, this does not negate the fact that Canada has some of the greatest.

Because of the many ethnicities, the food is diverse, and in locations like Ontario and Nova Scotia, there are numerous inventive brewers creating local beers.

The dining scene in Canada is vibrant with many restaurants and cafes offering farm-to-table cuisine and, especially in the Maritimes, serving up some of the freshest seafood you can enjoy in the world.

If you’re visiting Canada then you have to try poutine, which is considered the national dish. The hot and gooey dish includes chips smothered in rich gravy before being topped with cheese curds or cheese sauce. One of the things that many people look forward to when planning a trip to Canada is seeing some of the country’s most famous animals, and there are many to see.

The small community of Churchill may appear modest and secluded, yet hundreds of animal enthusiasts go there to meet the locals – polar bears! October and November are the finest months to see these lovely creatures. Emma Gilbert talked to us about the other creatures on display. “Canada has many wild creatures, like bears, cougars, wolves, and others,” she stated. Always have a bear bell and bear spray when trekking, and always let someone know where you’re going.”

Canada is recognized as one of the world’s nicest countries, with Canadians being named the world’s friendliest people in a research conducted in 2016.

Canadians are proud of their nation and ready to show you around, so if you get lost, just ask a native for directions and they’ll gladly point you in the right place.

Even in areas where French is the primary tongue, such as Québec, you will be welcomed with open arms.


Norway remains one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies


Why Norway

Norway’s natural environment is nothing short of magnificent, from crystal-clear fjords to glacial peaks to the Northern Lights. With a population of only 5.4 million people, there is always space to explore and air to breathe, which is why city dwellers go to cottages and ski slopes on weekends. Cross-country skiing is a national sport that combines fitness, thrills, and sightseeing into a single activity.

Norway has earned a reputation for its forward-thinking environmental policies. The country is a world pioneer in the usage of electric vehicles, with hydropower providing more than 95 percent of the country’s electricity. Many corporations and colleges uphold outstanding sustainability values. However, most of this beneficial work only compensates for the country’s oil, gas, and fishing sectors’ environmental impact, so graduating engineers and entrepreneurs will face plenty of hurdles in the future.

Norway has a low crime rate. Extremely low. Despite the huge demographic disparity, the United States has 10 times the number of prisons and eight times the number of murders every year. The causes are numerous, but they can all be traced back to the point where culture and politics collide: Norway is governed by a social democracy.

Apart from anything else, this means that the distribution of income in Norway — which is a prosperous country — is far more equitable than in other countries. More crucially, because social responsibility is a group obligation, many individuals see a crime as a societal responsibility rather than an individual failure. The goal is to rehabilitate rather than punish convicts, yet the nature of such rehabilitation can be disputed, even among Norway’s generous citizens. In short, your days as a student in Norway are unlikely to be marred by crime or police harassment.

Another advantage of a country governed for people rather than profit is that most higher education institutions are funded by the Ministry of Education and Research. Unless they attend a private institution, students, including international students, are not required to pay tuition. Even so, the costs are cheap, and you won’t pay any extra if you arrive from another country. You’ll have to pay a charge to the student union each semester to cover access to specific facilities (about the cost of a textbook), but it’s little compared to standard tuition rates.

If you ask someone in Norway if they speak English, they may give you a puzzled look before responding, “Of course!” The majority of Norwegians, particularly younger generations, speak proficient English, and the country has climbed to third position on the EF English Proficiency Index.

Learning Norwegian is, of course, beneficial, especially if you want to work in Norway or mingle with Norwegians. Luckily, the language is relatively easy to pick up, especially if you have English or another Germanic language as your mother tongue.


Mauritius remains one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies

Why Mauritius

In the last decade, Mauritius has seen a significant expansion in the number of high-quality educational institutions. In May 2010, the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research, and Technology was founded to support the government of Mauritius’ objective of transforming the country into a knowledge-based economy. Mauritius has been popular with international students seeking to pursue studies overseas as a result of this concentration on the educational sector. Many of these schools provide a wide range of programs and state-of-the-art facilities to their students.


The TEC’s mission is to promote, plan, develop, and organize postsecondary education in Mauritius, as well as to put in place an overall regulatory framework to ensure high international standards. It is also responsible for allocating government money to Tertiary Education Institutions within its jurisdiction, as well as ensuring accountability and the most efficient use of resources.

The fact that Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and is served by aircraft from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia is the primary reason for its unique culture. The peaceful setting exemplifies the excellent blending of these distinct civilizations.

As compared to the education cost in many other popular destinations, Mauritius provides high quality education at a very reasonable cost. Mauritius further promises comprehensive options to students in terms of courses based on their qualification

The rising economy’s contemporary approach allows the inhabitants to live in peace and harmony. Mauritius has a reputation for being a stable country in terms of social, economic, and political conditions. Other nationalities are free to practice their religions in Mauritius without fear of persecution.


Slovenia remains one of the Top Countries to Visit in 2022 for Vacation/Studies.


Why Slovenia

Slovenian transportation is reasonably cheap. There are certain restrictions, but with a little insider knowledge from locals, you can travel around Slovenia without breaking the bank. Intercity bus and train connections might be not the best, to admit, but a really popular alternative in Slovenia is carpooling. We have a shared website where individuals post their automobile excursions from city to city, and you can join them for a little fee.

The studies are tailored to the needs of international students. Professors always make time for you, and they are typically less demanding of international students “off the record.” As said before studies are in English and because there are smaller groups of foreign students, students get more individual time from professors and teaching assistants. Slovenia’s rich history brings the arts alive. Many students choose Slovenian universities for in-depth study of European culture, including linguistics, history, and the humanities. The University of Ljubjana even operates its own art gallery. Slovenia’s cultural diversity makes it an exceptional location to study international relations, foreign policy, and language arts but science and technology hold a strong place in Slovenian academics, too, where the study of medicine and dentistry are encouraged

Slovenia’s weather changes from season to season. In addition, the country is influenced by three climate forces. A harsh Alpine climate prevails in the mountains, the coast has a sub-Mediterranean climate, and the north-east lowlands have a continental climate. The average temperature is above 20°C in July and around 0°C in January. It is worth checking the current weather, so that you can dress and equip yourself appropriately

We’ve compiled the most crucial information for you to make your trip across Slovenia as easy and enjoyable as possible. Traveling throughout Slovenia should not be difficult, since it is extremely straightforward, even if you are from another nation and do not know Slovene. Anyone who is connected in any way with your travel arrangements will most likely speak English. Other foreign languages are also spoken by a considerable section of the population. There is a lot you can do for yourself to reduce stress.

Almost everyone in Slovenia is a writer, painter, cook, dancer, winemaker, musician, director, actor, blogger, or engraver by nature. They know how to turn their passions into works of art. In addition to artists with various skills and crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation, Slovenians are also successful in many modern art forms accessible to all generations. Cultural events are unbelievably well attended – various festivals (especially in the summer months) thrill visitors who come from near and far. Theatre and concerts are popular; Slovenians love to read and are proud of their cultural tradition. We should mention France Prešeren, a poet who became the pride of Slovenian poetry and author of Slovenia’s national Anthem, Zdravljica. The anthem appeals for the coexistence of nations and is a zdravljica, or toast, to all people of good heart.

Slovenia’s main priority following independence has been to create contemporary organizational and regulatory frameworks for sport growth. As a result, the Slovenian Olympic Committee, which had been created on October 15, 1991, united with the Slovenian Sports Association, which had been in existence since 1945, in 1994. Today, Slovenian competitors participate in the most important European and world sporting championships. The most successful sports are Alpine and Nordic skiing, wild-water kayaking and canoeing, sculling, cycling and skydiving. In the territory of today’s Slovenia, activities that could be regarded as early forms of sport were already being pursued in the Middle Ages. In 1689, the Slovene polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor wrote about boating, speleology, fishing, hunting, mountaineering and shooting. His description of autochthonous skiing at Bloke deserves special mention, since it is the oldest record of its kind in the Central Europe

Throughout Slovenian history, the Slovenian language has played a significant role. It is still regarded as a cornerstone of national identity. Despite many influences, it has maintained its own linguistic characteristics, the most famous of which is the archaic dual form. This is the grammatical number used for two people or things in all inflected parts of speech


This is also one of top countries to visit and study in 2022

Why Egypt

Egypt provides high-quality education at all levels, including pre-primary, primary, secondary, and university. Egyptian universities are among the best in the world, with a wide range of degree programs available to students.

Many scholarship programs are available to both international and Egyptian students. Scholarships and other financial help are available at the majority of Egyptian universities. Scholarships are available from the federal government as well as privately financed programs

Egypt, as previously said, is a remarkable blend of African, Mediterranean, and Arab elements. Egypt, being the Arab world’s center, provides students with the opportunity to learn about a culture that is extremely different from their own. Egypt’s culture and customs are a unique combination of African, Arabic, and Mediterranean influences. If you study in Egypt, you will be exposed to a variety of different meals, clothing, languages, cultures, traditions, and social environments.

When you finish your studies and return home, you will have a fresh perspective on culture, improved language abilities, a solid education, and a desire to learn. All of them are, without a doubt, quite appealing to potential employers.
Many students fall in love with their host nation and opt to stay and work there. If you can relate, you will discover that obtaining a local education will be quite beneficial while looking for a career in that nation.


Spain is also one of top countries to visit and study in 2022

Why Spain

Graduate and postgraduate programs in Spain are diverse and of excellent quality. Your résumé will gain points with an educational experience in Spain, whether you select a semester, a year, or a longer stay to complete your studies.

CEU Universities, in particular, have been providing postgraduate education for over 40 years. Furthermore, the academic education we provide is geared on assisting our students in succeeding in a global world by giving engaging experiences that focus on putting what has been learned into practice. Always based on Christian Humanism values.

Spaniards are kind, cordial, and hospitable people. They are used to working in ethnic settings and will make you feel right at home. CEU Universities also provide a Welcoming Service to help you adjust to your new environment.

To help you make the most of your time in Spain, CEU university centers make leisure offers and promotions available to its students in the cities where they live: Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. You may learn more about the CEU Experience and picture what university life would be like in Spain by requesting more information.

Despite the fact that the Mediterranean diet is the foundation of Spanish food, traditional gastronomy varies greatly depending on the region. A unique gourmet experience is created by combining high-quality goods, tradition, and the avant-garde.

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Atlanta, U.S.

Atlanta U.S is also one of top countries to visit and study in 2022

Why Atlanta

The size of a city may have a significant impact on your educational experience. Some students love the atmosphere and speed of larger, more crowded cities, while others prefer a smaller, more tranquil setting. U-Multirank caters to all tastes and preferences. Atlanta has a population of over 472000 people and occupies an area of 343 km2.

When studying abroad, it’s crucial to think about your safety. According to the most recent Numbeo Safety Index, Atlanta has a score of 37.64, placing it 369th out of 427 cities worldwide in terms of safety.

When it comes to picking where to study, the cost of living may be a big consideration. Aside from tuition, students should think about the cost of living in their area, which includes things like accommodation, food, and social activities. According to the current Numbeo Cost of Living Index, Atlanta has a score of 76.31 – ranking it at number 112 of 567 cities globally for the cost of living (the higher the ranking, the more expensive the cost of living is


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