June 19, 2024

Top Fully Funded Fellowship Programs 2020

If you are looking for the best fully funded fellowship programs 2020, then you are in the right place. There are lots of fellowship programs out there that you can apply for. However, rather than wasting your time, we have compiled the best you can find out there. This makes it easier for you to follow.

Why Pursue Fellowship Programs?

Fellowship programs are very beneficial to the participants. If you are a professional in any given field, pursuing fellowships will help scale your career beyond your expectations. This is why we bring this to you.

When you apply and win fellowship programs, it will provide you with significant work experiences. You will be exposed to a whole new body of experiences you haven’t ever encountered before.

You will also be exposed to a series of intensive training in your chosen area of research. This could include seminars, in-depth researches as well as a series of skills development programs.

Fully Funded Fellowship Programs 2020

Below are some of the best fully funded fellowship programs for 2020.

1. Acumen Global Fellowship For Social Entrepreneurs & Social Changemakers

This fellowship program is aimed at raising a generation of global social changemakers. It is a very intensive leadership development program for those who are already into making a social impact in their locality. This fellowship program will last for one year. According to the organisers, “Fellows remain in their jobs while participating in five, multi-day immersive seminars and engaging in online content between seminars”.

If you desire to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and community to become a social changemaker, then, this is for you. The location for this fellowship is in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Colombia, East & West Africa and India.

Deadline: August 11th, 2019.

2. Banting Post Doctoral fellowship

Do you dream of being a research leader of tomorrow? Then, you need to read about this Banting Postdoctoral fellowship program. Before you ask what this fellowship is all about, I will answer you. This fellowship is aimed at providing funding for postdoctoral applicants who are committed to contributing to their country’s economic, social and research-based growth.

This fellowship will also seek to develop the leadership potential of the successful applicants with myriads of activities and training. As an applicant, you stand a chance of getting $70,000 per year (taxable). This lasts for a period of 2 years (non-renewable).

Application Deadline: Sept. 18th, 2019.

3. NED Reagan-Fascell Fellowship

NED- National Endowment For Democracy. The NED Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program is a 5-month long program that is targetted at democracy activists, journalists and scholars. This fellowship is going to help the fellows to be exposed to a whole new body of perspectives and ideas on democracy. They also get to relate with other activists, scholars and journalists from other parts of the world.

The venue is at the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington, D.C. Please note that there are different application tracks. Each has different requirements that you can access by visiting their portal.

4. Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowship

The Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowship is held at HARVARD. It is a short-term fellowship research opportunities. It focuses on individuals who are especially interested in advancing journalism. This fellowship was founded in the year 2012.

So, do you have to be a journalist before applying? No. However, you must be able to show how your work in Harvard and the Nieman Foundation will help advance the practice of journalism. You will be exposed to different sources of resources both in Harvard and MIT. Furthermore, you can also access local scholars, libraries and other research centres.


If you are not supported by your employer for this fellowship, you will be provided with a $1,350 weekly stipend. Those who aren’t resident in Boston can be provided with a one-bedroom apartment for their fellowship program.

5. Index on Censorship Freedom Expression Awards Fellowship

This is another of the Top Fully Funded Fellowship Programs 2020 we have for you. Basically, this fellowship seeks to celebrate and appreciate those who have made impacts in fighting censorship in the world. That is to say, this fellowship is looking for individuals who have stood out over the past year in fighting censorship.

Those who emerge winners will be provided with longer-term assistance to help them continue in their efforts. This works in a way that the applicants are nominated. The organisers will evaluate and end up selecting the winners. The winners will receive lots of assistance which includes an all-expense-paid training week in London.

6. Fully Funded Ted Fellows To attend TED 2020

You can become a TED fellow by going through what I will share with you here. The TED fellows program is basically for individual innovators who have original work in their various fields. You must be 18 years and above to apply. After application, the TED staff conducts their review and examination processes before selecting 20 persons for the TED fellow program.

The TED Fellows program focuses on individuals. This includes photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors, advocates etc. You must also have a good character to stand a great chance of being selected.

Closing date: August 27, 2019

7. Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers

If you have completed your doctorate within the past 4 years, and you are looking for a fellowship to advance your career, this Humboldt Research for Fellowship is one you should consider. This fellowship allows you to undergo long-term research (6-24months) in Germany. Basically, you are allowed to choose your research topic as well as your academic host.

You can apply irrespective of your nationality. You will be given an award amount worth 2,650 EUR per month for postdoctoral researchers. If you are an experienced researcher, you will get 3,150 EUR per month.

8. Georg Forster Research Fellowship

If you are from a developing country and interested in a fellowship, this Georg Forster Research Fellowship is meant for you. This fellowship allows you to carry long term research that lasts between 6-24 months. You will choose your own research topic as well as the host institution you’d prefer. Your research must have to be important in the development of your country.

Successful applicants will receive about €2,650 for postdoctoral researchers or €3,150 for experienced researchers. You will also be allowed to choose your starting date and can split the research fellowship into a maximum of 3 stays. You will also receive individual mentoring during this period.

if you have any question on these fully funded fellowship programs, kindly use the comment box below.

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